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Library Discussion Groups: Boerne Beat Poetry Group

An introduction to all the groups we offer to the public free of charge. You can join one or more of the groups.

Boerne Beat Poetry

January 9**          A Tribute to Charlie Whipple

February 6           Call & Response:  Bring a favorite poem and your response to it – in written, visual or other form.

March 6                World Poets: Celebrating World Poetry Day (March 21)

April 3                  Poet Laureates: Celebrating National Poetry Month

May 1                   May Day Poetry: Spring/Summer Solstice Celebration

June 5                 California Dreaming: Hollywood Theme

July 3                  Song Lyric Poetry

August 7             Haiku

September 11**  Art Poetry: Poetry inspired by Art

October 2            Poems that Spook!

November 6        No Meeting

December 4        Odes to the Holidays


January 3 – New Year New Poets

February 7 – Shakespeare and Sonnets

March 7 – Irish Poets

April 4 – song lyrics as poetry

May 2 – Poetic Forms

June 6 – the Beat Poets (for our Summer reading theme)

July 11*special date – Poet Laureates

August 1 – Haiku on a hot summer day!

September 5 – Texas poets

October 3 – Latin American poets in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

November 7 – no public schedule (Darlene always uses for her holiday brunch)

December 5 – holiday poetry

January 4       New Year, New Poets   Share a new poet to you.

February 8     Love Poetry

March 1          Irish Limericks

April 5             Poet Laureates

May 3             Exploring Poetic Forms  Bring your own or another example of a poetry form you love.

June 7           Animal Poems  In support of our Summer Learning Odyssey 2021, which is "Tails and Tales".

July 12**        Summer Poetry

August 2       Song Lyrics as Poetry

September 13** Concrete Poems  Poems that are physical shapes.

October 4      Favorite Texas Poets

November 1  Blackout Poems  Have fun with a magazine article or book page.Cross out text lines to "carve" a poem from what remains.

December 6  Holiday Poetry and Annual Holiday Luncheon 

**Special Dates

January 6       100th Anniversary of the Roaring 20s   Bring in poems celebrating jazz, flappers,                                                                                                                                                                       prohibition or anything else that made the 1920s.
February 3     Winter Poetry  Poems that bring you warmth or remind you of the snowy season

March 2          Texas Poetry  Honoring Texas Independence Day

April 6             Earth Day 2020  Poems about the planet

May 4             Happy Birthday Poetry  Bring in poems by someone who was born or died in May

June 1           World Poetry  Kick off our 2020 Summer Odyssey!

July 6            Mythology in Poetry  Bring a piece of work based on a mythological character.

August 3       Blackout Poetry Special  Fun morning of experimenting with Blackout Poetry

September 7 (SPECIAL DATE) Limericks and Haikus  Exploring short poetry forms

October 5      Spooky Poetry  Poems that give you chills as we head into the spooky season

November 2  Women’s Poetry  Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment

December 7  World War II Poetry  Observing the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing with poetry created in WWII.

This group of poets and poetry lovers meets on the first Monday of the month at 9:15 am, unless otherwise noted.

January 7 Poems from Across the Pond

February 4 The Song Lyric as Poetry

March 4 Poems You Loved as a Child – Dr. Seuss Day

April 1 Poetic Form: The Villanelle

May 6 Happy Birthday Walt Whitman!

June 3 Go Global:  Poems of the World

July 1 Coming Home: Texas Hill Country Poetry 

August 5  Groovy Poetry – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock

September 9 (Special Date) Psychology of Poetry – Verse that makes you feel

October 7 Tribute Poems: Real or Imagined, Friend or Foe – Poems that remind you of, or you have written about, another sentient being

November 4 Grateful for Poetry – Poems that provide grace & gratitude

December 2 Inspiring Poems, or Works that Inspired You to Write a Poem - annual holiday potluck

This group of poets and poetry lovers meets on the first Monday of the month at 9:15 am, unless otherwise noted. 

January 8 (Special Date) Form Poetry: Share your favorite poetic form

February 5 Poem Pairs: Bring a photograph or a personal item and a poem that pairs with it

March 5 World Poets: Celebrating World Poetry Day (March 21)

April 2 Poet Laureates: Celebrating National Poetry Month

May 7 Field Trip Poetry: PoeTree event at Igo Library in San Antonio

June 4 Poems about Music and Musicians

July 2 Song Lyric Poetry

August 6 Haiku

September 10 (Special Date) Art Poetry: Poetry Inspired by Art

October 1 Poems that Spook! 

November 5 War Poetry

December 3 Holiday Party and Poetry