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Afterschool Rules for Students: Home

This guide will provide all the resources needed for guardians and students to understand what is expected of students during their time at the library after school.


The Patrick Heath Public Library is a very busy place used by hundreds of people every day. This is especially true after school hours. Persons of all ages are welcome to use the library’s resources, services and facilities, but it's important to follow the rules to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and comfortable environment! For a more thorough explanation of our expections, please read our Unattended Children Policy and our Disruptive Behavior Policy. You can also discover the wonderful programs we offer our patrons! 

Library Policies

Children ages 10 and under must be attended by a responsible “Adult” (defined as parent, guardian, teacher or assigned caregiver who is at least 16 years of age) at all times.

If a child age 10 and under exhibits disruptive behavior:

· Staff will ask the child to stop the behavior.

· If the behavior continues staff will inform the parent. In the event the parent is unable to control the child, the entire party will be asked to leave the library.

Children 11 years of age and older are welcome to visit the library without adult supervision. They are expected to understand and follow the rules of library use.

If a child 11 years of age and older exhibits disruptive behavior:

· Staff will ask the child to stop the behavior.

· If the behavior continues after the verbal warning, staff will attempt to contact the child's parent/guardian.

· If the child does not comply with instructions from staff, or staff is unable to contact the child's parent/guardian,  the Boerne Police Department may be contacted for assistance.


Safety First!

· Consider whether your children are old enough and mature enough to use the library unattended.

· Make clear arrangements about when and where you will pick up your children when the library closes.

· Be aware of the library’s opening and closing hours.

· Make sure your children know personal and emergency contact information.

· Discuss basic safety rules with children, especially stranger danger

· Make sure your children have what they need in the library.

· Introduce your children to library staff.


We May Need to Call the Police

Staff will contact the Boerne Police Department for assistance when:

· We are unable to contact a parent or guardian;

· Anyone exhibiting a behavior problem will not leave the library;

· Children ages 14 and under are left unattended after closing hours for longer than 20 minutes.

· Anyone exhibits behavior that is deemed to be illegal, dangerous, or harmful to patrons or staff.


We Consider This to be Disruptive Behavior!

The library’s behavior policy applies to everyone. Examples of disruptive behavior may include, but are not limited to:

Rude actions
No shoes
No shirt
Loud music
Talking back
Teasing others
Misuse of restrooms
Misuse of library property
Blocking walkways
Leaving bags or backpacks unattended
Using skateboards or scooters on library premises
Viewing inappropriate material on computers
Easily overheard talking
Demeaning comments
Threats of violence, etc.


Library Premises

The library is a public building open to everyone and is not a restricted, secured, or protected area. The wooded area behind the library is isolated from major traffic and has hidden areas, sharp rocks, and other debris that could pose a hazard. Any parent or guardian leaving a child unattended in the library, or in the areas behind the library, does so at the child’s risk. The City of Boerne is not liable for any consequences of parents/guardians forfeiting their responsibility for children while on library premises.