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Parent and Child Resources: Home

This helpful guide lists a variety of resources that are helpful to parents and children, including subject guides and fun, educational sites.


The Internet is a wonderful place to find all kinds of information to help you in your daily lives, but we know that it also houses a lot of dangerous or inappropriate material for little ones. This guide has been created to help caregivers and children navigate the web to find great resources that will encourage learning in fun, safe ways! 



DK Findout

Search site with good information and excellent illustrations. There are also videos and information galleries. From Dorling Kindersley.


A rather limited number of sites, but the ones included are good ones. Ads are included.



Enchanted Learning

Education, crafts, and games for the K-6 set. Minimal to no ads.

PBS Kids

Fun for the preschool set. No ads.PBS Kids Graphic


Additional Sources

Suggested Local library database resource, available via TexShare:

Explora Graphic

Explora for Elementary School, High School, and Public Libraries

An easy-to-use search interface for K-5 students looking for magazine and newspaper articles, books and encyclopedias on a variety of topics, such as animals, art, music, geography, language arts, math, science and social studies. Explora is a free resource available to every library patron through the TexShare Databases. You can find it in the TexShare database “by subject” under “K-12 Resources.” 

You can access Explora during your visit to the library or through our library catalog at home.

Parent/Teacher Collection

Our Youth Department has a collection of books suitable for parents and teachers that cover teaching methodologies, including homeschool options.  Additionally, patrons can check out Practical Homeschooling magazine.



Go to the settings and turn on safe search. Miss Constance finds better results using Google than in using these sites which offer a "safe search". Google seems to have fewer ads than they do.


Bing has safe search settings.


Kiddle is a Google search engine for kids. It seems to be free of pornography, but there are, of course, Google ads at the top of the results list. The results page has illustrations, and it is possible to search for images, videos, and news. There is also a kpedia which is a kiddle encyclopedia. This may your best bet for a safe search site. Kiddle uses Google safe search but is not affliated with Google.



These sites are recommended for parents and/or with parental supervision.



Information on cyberbullying from the US government.

Growing Wireless

Many wireless networks provide means for parents to control their children's use. There is also quite a bit of information on how to teach children the safe use of wireless.

Media Smarts

An extensive site with information for children, parents and teachers. The information provided deals with all forms of the media. By the Canadian Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

Get Safe Online

Information about protecting your computer, your identity, and your business information while online.

Stay Safe Online

There is information here about child safety on the net, and there is also very important information about guarding your computer from viruses and hacker attacks. Try taking the self test to find out how well prepared your computer is.

Common Sense MediaCommon Sense Graphic

Reviews of TV, web sites, books, and music. This site also has articles on media use and abuse.

Entertainment Software Review Board

Check here for ratings of game software.