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Homework Help Resources for TEENS!: Home

Online resources for tutoring, school assignment support, and enrichment for Pre-k through 12th Grade



While the internet provides a wealth of resources for enrichment and homework, the sheer number can be overwhelming. Below, you will find some interactive websites that provide resources and games to reinforce learning and help with homework. 

General Resources

The Patrick Heath Public Library provides free online homework help through Tutoring is available in math, science, English, social studies, and writing. Between the hours of noon to midnight students can connect to a live tutor from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. is provided free of charge thanks to funding provided by the Boerne Public Library Foundation.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free lessons in a variety of subjects and for learners of all ages including academic and advanced course help for core subjects as well as multiple life skills and test prep options. You can even find resources for Hour of Code! Khan Academy is sure to have something for you.


Explora is an easy-to-use search interface for K-12 students looking for magazine and newspaper articles, books and encyclopedias on a variety of topics, such as animals, art, music, geography, language arts, math, science and social studies. Explora is a free resource available to every library patron through the TexShare Databases. You can find it in the TexShare database “by subject” under “K-12 Resources.” 

You can access Explora during your visit to the library or through our library catalog at home


Middle Search Plus is a full-text database of popular middle school magazines and reference books, biographies and primary source documents, and over one million photos, maps, and flags. Middle Search Plus is a free resource available to every library patron through the TexShare Databases. You can find it in the TexShare database “by subject” under “K-12 Resources.” 

You can access Middle Search Plus during your visit to the library or through our library catalog at home


Course-Notes provides free notes, outlines, vocabulary terms, study guides, practice exams, and more to help high school students with their homework. You can find compiled materials for almost every high school class and flash cards and outlined notes for many textbooks. 



Math Resources

Web Math

WebMath: This no-frills math website provides answers and explanations for an array of math problems for both Middle and High school students. The detailed explanations of how to get to an answer is great for students learning new math skills.



Math Help provides complete online courses for both middle and high school math courses as well as test prep options. Each lesson has video instructions and practice lessons. 


Algebra Help is a collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and of algebra.


Open Culture Math offers free Math courses online from the world's leading universities. You can download these audio and video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.



Math TV provides video tutorials on each secondary school math topic (Basic Math, Algebra, Trig and Calculus) by a math teacher and his students. Not only can you find videos on each topic, many are in Spanish as well. 


Scientific Calculator Online

Scientific Calculator Online is a fully featured scientific calculator with trig functions and logarithms you can use to help answer math problems. (Note the links to tools in resources at top left of page.)



Science Resources



CK-12 has a wealth of great content to supplement and extend classroom learning. CK-12 provides both a digital textbook and multimedia resources such as videos and interactive simulations. 


BioInteractive offers data-rich activities, high-quality videos, and interactive media resources designed to connect students to big ideas in biology, promote engagement with science practices, and instill awe and wonder about the living world.

Chem 4 Kids

Rader's Chem4Kids is a website for students learning the basics of chemistry. The site provides resources to aid students (and everyone) who wants to understand matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, biochemistry, and more.

Earth School was created for learners of all ages to discover, celebrate, and connect to nature in 30 adventures. You'll find videos, reading materials, and activities, translated into 10 languages, that focus on science and the environment.

While there, click "Discover" to find other educational videos on multiple subjects.

Physics for the 21st Century

Physics for the 21st Century This resource is a one-stop-shop for physics—textbook included! You’ll find learning units, videos, interactive simulations, and even a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide. 

How to use Libraries in App Lab – is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education.

Language Learning

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an online language learning resource that offers courses for 71 different languages. Additionally, the service offers English lessons in 17 languages and specialty courses to teach cultural differences. Mango is offered through our library databases and users can sign in using their library cards. 


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